Packing Tips

Before packing the cartons, line the bottom with a few inches of wadded newsprint for padding. Then place large heavy items on the bottom, and lighter, more fragile items on top. Most things, such as plates and books, should be loaded vertically to utilize their own maximum structural strength.

Don't overload cartons Keep them to a manageable weight. Fill in any voids and top off loaded cartons with wadded paper and tape cartons securely to avoid shifting while enroute. Be sure to label contents and room to make unpacking more organized.
Having your goods packed properly is one of the most important means of assuring a successful move. For this reason, many customers choose to have Minute Movers do their packing for them..

You can rest assured that our professional packing crews will take extra care to protect all of your treasured possessions.

Their knowledge and utilization of specially constructed packing materials will provide the ultimate protection in security and safety. Our specially constructed packing material comes in various shapes and sizes to fit all your various types of household goods.

For maximum protection of antiques, fragile items and pieces of odd size, we have a custom crating division that will wrap each object, cushion it to prevent chafing or shifting, and create a custom crate to insure your items safety while in our possession.